For efficient operation and smooth growth use our accounting firm. As a business owner, your priority is managing the operations and ensuring profitability for your venture. While your focus must remain on these tasks, a critical component of sound business practice is maintaining clear and up to date accounting and tax records. The data generated plus the analysis of your accounting and taxation is also key to developing and improving your business. Falling behind with your creditors, or worse, not collecting your debts or paying the correct taxes can cause cash flow problems. Difficulties with the taxman prevent successful business growth, hinder productivity and efficiency, and cause inaccurate and even illegal financial operations. It is not surprising to note how often situations like these creep up almost unknowingly on honest, hardworking business people. Do not let that ever happen to you

Forensic Accounting Services

The Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) around the world help protect the global economy by uncovering fraud and implementing processes to prevent fraud from occurring in the first place..

Tax Return Preparation – Business

We prepare Federal and State Corporate, LLC and Partnership Tax Returns for all 50 states. If you keep your own books, we prepare these from your books and records, and if we do your monthly bookkeeping, then we prepare these from the books we keep for you..

Tax Return Preparation – Individual

We are here 12 months a year, we are not a seasonal business. We file all your current year tax returns electronically and get a confirmation in 24 hours from the IRS and the State, so you will get your refund back quicker.

Payroll Services

We process your employee’s payroll checks for you, we can either print and deliver it to you the next business day or you have the option of printing the checks in your own office. We will then process the payroll taxes on your behalf & file the quarterly forms with the IRS and State, and will issue the W-2s at the end of the year.

Internal Control Review

Our Firm will evaluate and analyze your internal control system, and will make recommendations for long term solutions and improvements in areas of weakness. Bijan Kohanzad is a Certified Fraud Examiner.

IRS Collection

Back Taxes Owed ,Tax Liens ,Tax Levies ,IRS Wage Garnishment , Payment Plan, Innocent Spouse Relief.


We offer a wide range of monthly accounting, bookkeeping and tax services to our smaller clients.

Business Formation

Thinking of starting a new business? Or changing the type of business structure? Let us help you choose the business entity that fits you the best. This includes the Entity classification that provides the most tax advantages for you, depending on the nature of your business..

Audit Representation-Business & Individuals<

The IRS and the State randomly pick taxpayers for a routine audit and sometimes based on a criminal investigation. In any case you need to have someone who is familiar with the regulations and procedures to represent you in Audit proceeding. As an Enrolled Agent we specialize in representing taxpayers in front of the IRS and state taxing agencies. Our training and education is how to deal with these agencies in times of any tax audit. Be sure to look up the EA before hiring one and make sure there is no disciplinary action against the EA.